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[Neil is clearly walking through the hall of the hotel as he records this message.]

So has anyone else had-

[He starts opening the door while he's talking, but apparently he gives the knob a bit too much of a twist, because the entire outer face of it comes off. In his hand. With a particularly unpleasant metallic noise.

Neil looks away from the camera and down at the disassembled door knob in disbelief.]

What the bloody hell?
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[ It's the dead of night on Friday. Or does it count as early morning Saturday? And in the dark, all slowly goes quiet. Over a few hours, changes that had occurred start to vanish. Fur and fangs withdraw, scales and fins fade, hunger and anger dissipates. All but a few things. Residents may find either lingering aspects that don't go away, or the surfacing of new ones they hadn't had before. These are far less destructive than what they'd been the last week.

Once it's done, Balance shows up on all screens. She looks pleasant if a bit stressed. ]

I apologize to the...disruption of your lives. It seems in the process of attempting to activate certain latent abilities in certain people, those required to make it happen either did not do as they should while others did too much.

[ Distantly, somewhere out of view Chaos can be heard: "They would have been better off my way!" ]

All should be right, now. And it seems as though you all survived. That is an impressive feat indeed! I've done my best to restore what some of you may have had before coming here. Don't hesitate to ask if there is anything else you require.

[ And with that, she signs off. ]

[OOC: It was not required to have changed during the event to gain abilities after. Characters are granted one mid-level power and one weakness to balance it out. ]
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[There's audio first, as Harry is still getting used to ...to whatever this is]

Hello? Is anyone there? [He's speaking in French--the last thing he remembers was France, and if he's still there...]

[then a picture appears, a young man with glasses and brown hair looking pale and serious, gaze not meeting the camera directly, like he doesn't know what it is. He continues speaking in French.] Can someone tell me where this is? I think I might be lost.

[There's also no place to tap out morse code on the device that he can find out, but...it's clearly for communication, so Harry's doing his best.]
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[Tw: Mild body horror of the werewolf transformation variety]

[ Enjolras hasn't been seen for days. Well, unless you're Grantaire. But even being around him has been scarce. He's felt off for days, now. He had no idea what was going on. He'd thought it was just seeing Grantaire as a ghost. An insubstantial spirit. It pricked at his already raw conscience, the mere presence of the apparition a reminder of what he'd only just started to put behind him. But that didn't explain why he could smell things so powerfully, or why he could hear things from other apartments as though they were in the room with him. It was as though he'd suddenly become nothing but raw and exposed nerves, over stimulated in far too many way.s

And then, as the sun set on Tuesday night, he started to grow impossibly uncomfortable in his own skin. It got to the point that he'd actually snapped at Grantaire, his first time since the other's arrival. But it wasn't like before. It was ferocious, and brutal. He even took a swipe at the other's chest, fingers splayed as if to rake across his vest. Stunned, he bolted from his apartment. And it was as he reached the edge of the woods that he remembered the network existed.

When his face appears on the video, he doesn't look quite like himself. His eyes are golden rather than their usual blue. Such a bright gold, they seem almost to be glowing. His hair seems thicker than ever, and as though he hasn't shaved in weeks. Only the growth patter is all wrong, focused more on the sides of his face and eyebrows than anywhere else.

He looks and sounds distressed. ]

Is anyone else...do you...does it feel...
cut for mild werewolfy body horror )
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Okay so...hi. I'm Roberta and I'm new. I have a question.

Did anyone else have a super fucked weekend or was I just lucky? Also, if anyone was chased by a small, snakelike dragon...

I'm sorry.
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[ The Marshal is more squinty today. Without his hat and just pulling the curtain in his apartment shut. It's close to sun down, and he looks rather irritated and tired. He also looks a great deal paler than he had before, but maybe that's because he's not wearing his hat, so his face isn't in shadow. ]

Is it just me, or is there somethin' different here. I know these pieces of shit have been jerkin' us around, but this just ain't right.

[ He certainly sounds sober. Strikingly sober. A shock since he's been pilfering bottles from the saloon to hide in--it's not stealing, it's recovering ill gotten gains. Slowly. He hasn't had a sober day since those awful dreams.

He leaned a hand against the wall by the window. All casual like. ]

I worked hard to get those light proof curtains, and I'd appreciate it if they were returned. If you don't mind.

[ The words were polite, but the tone wasn't. His eyebrows went up, his head tipped forward. Making a point.

Just at the edge of the video, where a small band of light from the setting sun fell across his wrist, smoke seemed to be slowly curling. It wasn't even that bright as far as sunlight went. His pointed expression turned to a frown, and he turned his head. All at once there was a soft curse, and the phone dropped. The video cut off as it hit the floor. ]
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[The boy is plucking at loose stitching on his patched and dusty leather tunic. His hat is pushed back, for once, so his face is actually visible this time. It's hard to say whether it's an improvement, for he's very thin and very pale. The eyes half-hidden beneath stringy blonde hair are overly bright and sharp, but the petulant boyish pout twisting his lips helps to soften the unnerving effect they have.]

They keep coming undone. They don't listen to me anymore.

...Does anyone know how to fix them? I found thread, but I don't have a needle.
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[When Dutch appears on the screen she's smiling. She looks a little weary around her eyes, but that smile seems to suggest that everything is okay.]

What are you lot up to tonight? Anything fun?

[She looks down and fidgets with her fingers for a second.]

I was thinking some night we should get people together and play a game. Any game.
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[ Just as with videos from Chaos, Balance appears on all screens, powered or not. It's difficult to see where the blue skin of her face ends and her crown begins. A crown of coral that seems to be dripping water upwards. Despite the gray sky behind her, she appears as though she's under water, the tell-tale patterns of shifting light playing over her entire form.

She speaks with a sweet, motherly voice that borders on curious. ]

I apologize on behalf of Chaos, he is not well suited to responsibility. Nor is he practiced in the art of the truth. But some of what he has said is true. We have brought all of you here to assist us in rebuilding our little town! He is just not accustomed to such strong-willed residents. But it is such a delight to see! That is exactly what we've always needed!

As it was his responsibility to ensure you all had what you needed during the initial phase, I fear you may not have all of the necessities. The laudromat has been repaired. It took some doing, but I'm sure you will appreciate the ability to wash your clothes. And from here on out, you can expect much more....quality responses to your requests. If I am unable to fulfill them to the letter, I will tell you as much, rather than playing games.

[ Her tone dips to scolding as she looks somewhere out of view. And distantly Chaos' voice can be heard, whining, "C'mon, I was just having fun!" She looks back and smiles sweetly. ]

Please, do not allow his crassness to dampen your spirits. We have not brought you here to punish you. We truly do require your help.
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Hello, I just wanted to let people know that I'm now working as the pharmacist at the clinic run by Melissa McCall. I know it would be very tempting to keep them for yourself, but if you do find any medications or medical supplies, please bring them to the clinic for storage. I also encourage those willing to request needed medications from the local divinities, especially if it is difficult to find.

I have a list of locally found plants that I can make into medicines as well. If you are interested in helping me collect them on a regular basis, please let me know - you will be reimbursed either in scrip or barter for your time.

[She has avoided discussing the dreams. They were embarrassing enough to her - or not necessarily embarrassing as such, but just...it's clear that if she shared everyone else's dreams, they probably shared hers too, and some of the things she dreamed about were well, private matters.]

If you feel you may have difficulty sleeping over the next week or so, come see me. I've already started creating a supply of sleep aids, though nothing narcotic. Chamomile tea is the simplest solution but if you do need something stronger, I can see what I can do.
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[ gigi would have done a video but no way in hell she's letting anyone see how frazzled she looks right now. ]
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If we haven't met, I'm Supervisory Special Agent Danny Brady with the FBI. I'm trying to figure a few things out- it seems like pretty much everyone experienced some kind of disturbed sleep, insomnia, or bad dreams on Monday night and I'd like to get a more thorough picture of what happened. If you could take a moment to answer the following questions, I'd appreciate it.

1. Did you not experience strange dreams, insomnia, or disturbed sleep on Monday night/Tuesday early morning?
2. If the answer to the above question is no and you're comfortable sharing it, what did you dream about?
3. Where do you live?
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[It's maybe 2:30 and Russell is awake, after what could only be described as a supremely fucked up series of dreams.]

Anyone else having some insomnia tonight, or is it just me?
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[Tom has been stuck in bed except for trips to the bathroom for three days now and he's about to go stir crazy. He looks fine though, a little pale perhaps, but he's at least been able to fix his hair so it doesn't look awful.]

Hey, so. I can talk to people on this. Or so I've been told. I was wondering, is there anything to read around here? Books, magazines, a few old newspapers? My well-meaning jailer [glances to the door as if he's expecting Neil to walk through] isn't letting me up and I'm kinda bored.

Or, you know, if anyone wants to talk. [smiles] I'm good for that, too.

Open Spam

Oct. 7th, 2015 07:41 pm
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[One minute he's sitting in the same drab room devoid of all color that he's been sitting in for -- he doesn't actually know how long -- and the next he finds himself somewhere else. He's staring up at some kind of large statue that he doesn't remember ever seeing before. Then again, it's not like he remembers much in general. He simply stares at it for a moment, trying to ignore the panic he feels growing, much the way he'd felt when he'd first woke up in the box and then in the Glade.

He spins slowly in a circle, looking around. There's a hotel, and some other buildings -- all kind of rundown looking. That doesn't surprise him. The few buildings he can recall all kind of look similar.

He sees no one around, but he does find a strange looking device on the ground by the statue. He hesitates and kneels down, picking it up carefully. It's not like the device that was inside the grievers in the maze, and he doesn't know what it is or what it does. He holds onto it as he stands back up and looks around once more, trying to make sense of what's going on.

Another test from WICKED, no doubt. His jaw clenches a little as he slowly heads toward the nearest building -- the Neptune Hotel.]


Oct. 7th, 2015 02:13 pm
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[He's had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind since Isaac had shown up. And he knew it was Isaac because of things he'd said, things he knew that he should know.

And that awkward moment with the guy that looked like Isaac, and Jeremy thinking he was someone else kept bugging him.]

That guy-- the one you said you thought was that Kol guy you know? I-- I don't know if you were right or not, but I do know he's not who I thought he was because Isaac showed up a few nights ago and...I dunno, I thought I should tell you. [He runs a hand over the back of his neck.]
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[When the feed comes to life, it shows Jake's face...and behind him, the statue people keep appearing beside. Since his own appearance in Storm Cove, he's spent every available moment studying the sculpture, looking for more information, more clues about where they are or how to possibly get home...

...and just more about it in general. It's a fabulous sculpture, and he can't quell that natural hunger to learn all he can about it.]

Mornin', folks. I just wanted to put a call out...we're all familiar with this sculpture at this point, I'm fair certain. The problem I've got? It's the only piece of high art I've been able to find so far, meaning I can't really tell you much about it.

Up to this point, has anyone here in town come across anything else? Sculpture, paintings, mosaics, frescoes...hell, even a pretty rock formation? And if you haven't...could y'all keep me posted if you do? The more we learn about this stuff, the better an idea we can get of just where we are, and maybe how to get outta here.

[He glances back over his shoulder at the statue with a small smile before facing the camera again.]

And really...c'mon. It's beautiful, isn't it?
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Hello. [The woman speaking speaks with a strong Sokovian accent.] For those of you I have not yet met -- which ... is most of you -- my name is Wanda. [A beat.] Maximoff. [Last names are good to know too.]

Where I last was, I was training with a group of friends of mine; I was very new to their team. Our idea there is to help our world by fighting against evil. But that is not really the point of this video. The point of this is to see if there is anyone interested in being a sparring or training partner, because even though I am obviously no longer where I was and doing what I was, I am also not interesting in losing what I had picked up.

[So yeah, that's her video.]
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[ The man on camera clearly wasn't expecting to start recording already. He his face is bloody and dirty, and it's a wonder he can see out of those glasses of his. He murmurs 'what the hell connection is this?' before addressing the camera. ]

Hi. My name is Alex Weiss. Don't know how I'm on this network- don't really care, either. I'm severely injured and, uh- immobile. My leg was crushed. Is there anyone who can provide assistance? I'm here, if this helps:

[ He turns the camera away from himself and slowly pans it around, making sure to get the big-ass statue he's sitting against. He's wincing as he returns the camera to his face. ]

Any help would be super appreciated. Like, 'I'll be your IT guy for a year' sort of appreciated.
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[ It may come to a surprise that one of the oldest people in Storm Cove--that is to say, someone only around 44--makes an appearance on the video. His hair is short but wild, and a lot of people are sure to remember him from the bar. The articulate southern boy that didn’t wear the hat or the flannel.

And right now, that wide grin is smiling. He’s at the saloon, which looks a lot more cleaned up than it has ever been--still in repair, but comfy enough. A huge leap forward. They have power, for example, and there's no longer a hole in the wall. There's a blonde girl, gorgeous and his age roundabouts, wiping down the counter.

Boyd himself has a drink near him, but he's not drinking. Instead, his hands are folded, fingers laced together, and his smile widens, just a bit. A shark selling snake oil, or an innocent working man. The verdict is still up in the air. When he speaks, it's with that same slow southern drawl he's prone to. No anger whatsoever, though. In fact, he's trying to hide his happiness.

Or is that, too, faked?

Ladies and gentlemen of Storm Cove, I do declare your first business is up and running, and if I am not mistaken, it is mine--or, rather, [ A quick glance at the woman, and after a brief glance back at the screen Boyd zeroes in at her cleaning down the counter once more. ] --our fine establishment. And to celebrate, your first drink is on the house. Y'all do me a favour and make yourself known, would you?

[ He's normally all too wordy. Has to say at least two or three more long-winded sentences, but right now? He can't. He has Ava now. ]

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